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Case Study
Highmead Manor

Highmead Manor is a four-storey residential Victorian building which was converted into flats, we believe in the 1980’s, and sits within the Eastbourne Conservation Area. The main roof is tiled with machine-made tiles and the property has a lead domed porch to the front and a lead dome to the rear.

Overview of the Project

The client had had leaks to the rear lead dome and attempts had been made over the years to repair them using patch repairs and liquid applied roofing products. The rear dome was now in a poor state of repair and the client had decided that being as these repairs were only a short-term solution it was time to carry out works to ensure the longevity of the dome. The work comprised of the renewing of the existing lead dome roof to the rear turret, incorporating insulation and including replacing timber decking and any other decayed timber, retiling the pitched tiled roof slopes and flat roof adjoining the dome. The size of the dome was approximately 104m2.

Specific Client Requirements

Being as the roof was being replaced in Code 6 lead, the client had requested a 25-year Lead Guarantee issued by the Lead Contractors Association.


The main reason for replacing the lead covering was to ensure the longevity of the dome. When the lead was stripped from the dome it revealed extensive damage to the woodwork below, which meant that this all had to be replaced. Due to the shape of the dome all timber works had to be carefully measured and fitted to ensure that the shape of the dome remained as the original.

Also, whilst stripping it exposed a redundant chimney hidden underneath the dome, where the dome adjoined the flat roof which had been removed. We had to install new rafters to the area of removed chimney, as these had not been installed correctly.


The existing lead roof covering, and timber decking was removed.

Timber repairs were carried out to the existing rafters.

To area of removed chimney new rafters were installed.

Two layers of 150mm quilt insulation were installed at ceiling level.

New timber boards installed followed by the new Code 6 lead roof.

All lead work was carried out by Heritage Metal Roofing operatives and the project was inspected at intervals as the works progressed to ensure compliance with the 25-year LCA Guarantee.

We were delighted to win the prestigious Murdoch Sponsors Award for this project from the Lead Contractors Association in October 2020 for our leadwork on this project.