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Health & Safety

Our approach to maintaining the highest levels of customer service is fully explained throughout our Company Handbook and is all underpinned by our externally audited ISO9001:2015 Quality Assurance Procedures, ISO45001 Health & Safety and ISO14001 Environmental. This enables Clarke Roofing to provide a service of the highest quality.

Lead Carbonation Removal

Undertaking work

Throughout the duration of the work it will always be our intention to:

  • Support residents throughout the process.
  • Ensure residents are informed about ongoing works through meetings and newsletters, including information prior to the work commencing with the option of a response should there be mitigating circumstances that requires the work to be rescheduled.
  • Provide opportunities for residents from diverse communities and minority groups to engage with the process.
  • Provide a resident satisfaction survey to assess strengths and enable identification of areas for improvement.
  • Engage with local labour where possible

All residents are entitled to feel safe, respected and secure. With this in mind our staff will: Adhere to all safeguarding policies and hold a current disclosure and barring service check. Be polite and courteous at all times. Work within permitted hours. Display accurate identification. Wear any Personal Safety Equipment provided. Park vehicles responsibly. Treat homes with respect, including gardens and communal areas. Clean up at the end of each working day and leave all premises safe and secure. Not smoke in resident’s homes, and follow all premises smoking policies when on site. Not consume alcohol. Not use resident’s toilets or washing facilities. Not use resident’s gas, electricity, telephone or tools without prior agreement. Provide additional support for vulnerable or disabled residents

Scaffold erection at West Dean College
Ian Pickard winning the Individual Health & Safety Award at the NFRC UK Roofing Awards 2021


Case Study
West Dean College of Arts & Conservation (Phase 1)

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Access to Property

All visits to a property must be made by a previously notified appointment. Anyone representing Clarke Roofing must have appropriate identification and dress in and clean and tidy manner. We always try to keep to appointments however, if we are unable to attend due to an emergency or an unforeseen event then we will try to contact you immediately to apologise, explain the situation, and arrange another appointment at your convenience.


We will not use resident telephones unless in a medical or life threatening emergency.

Power Tools

We only use our own power tools and equipment. All electricity is supplied by our own generator, and it is only be prior agreement that we may use our resident’s electrical supply, in which case any meter units used will be paid for or a compensation figure agreed.

Vulnerable Residents

We acknowledge that some residents may become distressed and anxious about work that is being undertaken especially if it is within their own home. Our Customer Care staff help to provide a friendly face to reassure residents and keep them informed of the work that is being undertaken at each step of the way.

If residents are sick, elderly or disabled we will make special arrangements in order to ensure they are properly supported throughout the duration of the works. Where required, we will seek specialist advice to help identify and action suitable specifications for individual residents. Any alterations made to the homes or external areas of disabled or visually impaired residents will be discussed with them before the works and highlighted to them once complete.


In line with company policy, we will not tolerate any unlawful acts of discrimination, derogatory, racist or sexual remarks, innuendos or harassment towards anybody.

Accidental Damage

Should any accidental damage occur, the Site Foreman will check residents’ safety and if any injury has occurred, they will act accordingly. The incident will be reported to the Site Manager and Head Office who will contact the Site Administrator.

Our Foreman will apologise to residents and will work with staff to ensure the area is safe. With permission, the Foreman will then oversee the clearance of the damage and meet with the Site Administrator to agree repairs or replacements. Once this has been completed to the residents and administrator’s satisfaction, the Foreman will then meet with the resident again to apologise, explain why the incident occurred and discuss and agree any compensation for damage which has occurred.

It is company policy to inform our Health and Safety Consultant and record any accidental damage in order to risk assess ongoing work.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to make sure that residents feel safe, respected and secure at all times, and will take the time to deal with all complaints in accordance with our complaints procedure.

All resident complaints must be logged in the Site Complaint Register and should be recorded on a Customer Complaint Form. It is company policy that they are dealt with promptly and any complaint should be acknowledged within 2 working days.

Customer Care staff will take full responsibility for ensuring the complaint is dealt with and resolved effectively. In order to do this, they may interview all persons connected with the complaint. If the complaint is able to be resolved quickly then the appropriate agreed action will be taken immediately and the complaint signed off by the resident. If a resolution cannot be reached then the report will be passed to the Senior Member of Staff with responsibility for Customer Care who will investigate the complaint further to decide on the best course of action, and if required, seek support from the Managing Director.

We are always looking to improve our practice and would welcome any feedback on how we can improve what we do. Should you have any feedback please contact Clarke Roofing directly on 01323 640777 or email where one of our Customer Care team will be happy to liaise with you.