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Lead, Copper, Zinc & Cast Iron

From Heritage to new construction, the beauty of lead, zinc and copper can be shown to be a lifetime investment.

Works of the highest standard

As members of the Lead Contractors Association, we are classed as excellent. This ensures that all lead work we undertake is to the current lead sheet association guidelines. We attend annual seminars to keep up to date with current regulations.

Zinc and copper work complies with the guidelines of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors.

We also supply, install and refurbish cast iron guttering.
Refurbishment programs often involve removing and reusing existing cast iron after extensive preparation.
Old cast iron is shot blasted clean, repaired and zinc coated prior to decoration or powder coating.

When the existing guttering is past refurbishing back to a high standard, NWE cast iron guttering can be sourced. Cast iron rainwater goods are sourced from UK foundries and prepared, fitted and decorated.


Flat roofing